JPRO® Professional is the most comprehensive and powerful all makes, all models diagnostic tool available in the industry today. In one, easy annual subscription, JPRO provides a complete & unparalleled diagnostic service & repair solution with bi-directional functionality.

Next Step Service Information module helps speed up repair times by providing users with detailed engine repair information and troubleshooting guides for ABS and Transmissions – with the click of a button.

Noergon’s DLA+ 2.0 adapter is a diagnostic communication device designed to interface between a vehicle and PC via USB cable for diagnostic and vehicle information, re-programming or parameter adjustments.


JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software (Annual Subscription)
Next Step™ Service Information Software (Annual Subscription)
DLA+ 2.0 Adapter (1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty)
Heavy-Duty Cables
6-pin, 9-pin (backward compatible with all existing 9-pin connectors), OBD-II Type-B Cable for Mack & Volvo
Medium-Duty OBD-II Type-B Cables
USB Cable
Adapter Carrying Case


Includes Heavy-Duty Modules:
Mack, Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International & PACCAR
Includes Medium-Duty Modules:
Ford, GM, Isuzu & Sprinter
Next Step Service Information
Speed up repair times with detailed engine repair information, wiring diagrams, R&I guides, hi-res connector images and parts location, troubleshooting guides for ABS and transmissions, and more.
Bi-Directional Controls
Perform parameter changes (Mack & Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and International), DPF Regens (Mack, Volvo, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International and PACCAR) and bi-directional tests with proprietary data and faults
OE Level Fault Code Information
Display 99% of heavy-duty and medium-duty fault codes with detailed OEM level component and trailer descriptions
Fault Management
Clears faults and diagnoses all vehicle components in a single, easy to use application
Vehicle Reporting
View and print logo files, including: Vehicle Health, Trip Reports and LOV Reports
Store & Save Data
Record data log files for playback at a later time, even away from the truck.
Total Vehicle Health Status
See the entire vehicle in one pass on one screen
Up To Date
Provides 99% coverage of all heavy-duty truck DTCs through 2017
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