The most comprehensive coverage and functionality for Agricultural Equipment in North America. Reduce downtime, repair and maintenance related expenses with Jaltest Agricultural Equipment Software.

  • Information on connectors: Jaltest informs you about which connector to use and its location on the vehicle. Location on buses by bodybuilder.
  • Diagnosis: Recording and description of the errors registered on each of the control units. Automatic detection of the complete errors list on the systems integrated on the vehicle.
  • Actuation of Components: Possibility of interacting and sending orders on the different systems using Jaltest: such as fan activation, cylinders cutout, compression test and operational checking of the different mechanisms, etc.
  • Values Measuring: Measuring and Displaying of up to 8 values at the same time. Information on the ranges of reference values.
  • Parameters: Configuration of the different parameters.
  • System data: Information on the system configuration and ECU data.
  • Errors clearance: Errors clearance on the control unit and turning off of failure lamps.


  • OBD
  • J1939
  • J1708
  • EURO V
  • RP1210

Kit includes:

  • Jaltest Link RP 1210 Kit w/ Multi-Pin Set (Part #29366)
  • Ag Software License w/ 1 Year of Activation (Part #29762 & 29761)
  • Panasonic CF-54 Ruggedized Toughbook (Part # CF-54)
  • Jaltest AGV Cable Set (Part # 29758)
  • Jaltest Info Online Annual (Part # 29427)
  • Training


  • 35,000+ Diagnostic Trouble Codes -including OEM Proprietary Codes
  • 40 brands of equipment & component manufacturers
  • 360 Models of Components & Equipment
  • 3,200+ Electronic Control Modules
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Traction Control
  • Instrument Cluster, Body & Chassis Controllers
  • Safety Systems
  • Anti-theft & Security Systems
  • Steering Systems
  • Telematics Modules
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Combine, Head & Tail Control Units
  • PTO Systems
  • Electronic Modules


  • 6,500+ Bi-Directional Testing Procedures
  • 2,500+ Troubleshooting and Repair Guides linked to Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • 1,700+ Circuit Diagrams
  • 15,000+ Symptom Diagnostic Troubleshooting Guides
  • 8,000+ Technical Specification Data Resources (Electrical Systems)
  • 1,600+ System Technical Data Specifications (Mechanical and Electrical systems)
  • 2,000+ Fields for Condition Based Maintenance PM and Service Scheduling Processes
  • 1,000+ Calibrations
  • Jaltest Report Includes Vehicle, Operational and Diagnostic Information