If you are looking for software that gives you everything your local dealer enjoys such as changing parameters, performing injector cut-out tests, all system functional tests (Such as EGR & Turbo tests), you’ve come to the right place. This software actually gives you 3 different programs:

  1. DDDL v8.xx is for 2007 & newer engines (DDEC VI & newer).
  2. DDDL v6.xx is for 2006 & older engines.
  3. DDEC Reports is for all Detroit & Mercedes-Benz Truck engines for trip & lifetime reporting.

DDDL v8.xx is compatible with the following engines:


Engine Series MCM CPC2
Series 60 V63.2.1 V5.03
MBE900 V11.4.0.0 V5.03
MBE4000 V13.5.0.0 V5.03
DD15 V13.4.2.1 V5.03
DD13 V13.4.2.1 V5.03


Engine Series MCM2 ACM2 CPC2+
DD13 V7.7.0.50 V8.7.0.104 V22.02.00A
DD15 V7.7.0.50 V8.7.0.104 V22.02.00A
DD16 V7.7.0.50 V8.7.0.104 V22.02.00A

Engine Series MCM2.1 ACM2.1 CPC4 TCM
DD13 M2.1.1.49 E3.1.1.49 R30_04_022A 3.04.00
DD15 M2.1.1.49 E3.1.1.49 R30_04_022A 3.04.00
DD16 M2.1.1.49 E3.1.1.49 R30_04_022A 3.04.00

Diagnostic Link 6.50 is a comprehensive software program supporting DDEC II, III / IV / V, all software versions of the EPA 98 – 04 MBE 900 and MBE4000 On Highway engines.

The DDDL 6.50 software version continues to offer all of the great features and benefits users have come to rely on, and now includes these new features:

Coverage for DDEC V, Release 2, DDEC IV Release 42 and VCU Release 14.26
New data included in the Trip Monthly and Life to Date Reports
Updated VCU/PLD instrumentation to speed up data rates
Integrated MBE troubleshooting guide to enhance diagnostic efficiency.

Component Recommended

• Windows 7 or 10 (32 & 64 bit) (Windows 8 is NOT supported and will NOT work)
• 1.8 Ghz processor
• 2.0 GB RAM
• 40 Gigabyte non-partitioned Hard drive with 20 Gigabyte free
• Monitor and graphics card supporting 1024 x 768 resolution and 16-bit color
• 1 free USB port
• Internet or Mainframe Connection to DDC Server (for updates)

Hardware Adapter Device

Please note: This software is a 12-month license. After 12-months it will expire until and not function until you pay for another year. This item is meant to be included with a diagnostic package (laptop/software/adapter) that we sell, so if you wish to purchase the software only please contact us beforehand.