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The Cummins Insite Full Access dealer kit is one of the most premier full access dealer kit on the market today and is ready to go for your shop once it arrives.  This Cummins Insite factory dealer kit allows you to do full DPF regen and manual regens, ful onboard diagnostics.  Cummins Insite performs engine diagnostics and displays electronic engine information on your PC. With step-by-step diagnostics, built-in engine drawings and schematic diagrams, working with INSITE is easy. Using this software application will reduce troubleshooting time, errors and incorrect procedures and quickly get your vehicle back on the road again.  You can also do calibrations on all turbo actuators which seem to go out very often.

Cummins Insite Dealer Toughbook Features:

  • Quick access to trip information
    • Adjust parameters and review/clear fault information quickly and easily
    • Easy-to-follow troubleshooting assistance
    • Wiring and sensor location diagrams
    • Store engine and trip information for future use, or as programming templates
  • Trip and vehicle information
  • Parameter and feature adjustment
  • Accurate problem diagnosis
  • Complete wiring diagrams and sensor location maps
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting information
  • Fault tree information
  • Fault code and symptom-based diagnostics
  • Engine diagnostic tests
  • Perform injector cut-out tests
  • Perform forced regenerations
  • Tools to create templates for a group of vehicles
  • Fleet management/driver reward programs
  • Audit trail information
  • Enhanced ECM security

The Dealer Toughbook Includes:

Full Licensed Cummins Insite with a QSOL Toughbook Dealer Kit

Full 2 Year License

Full Hardware Nexiq 124032 Bluetooth Cable 6 and 9 Pin adapter Kit


“Keep your Diagnostics in house.  If you want your shop to make it, times are changing, and you need to make the investments in the long term to save the time and make more money.  It’s well worth it and will pay multiples”


“Once we made the switch it brought in a ton of business for us and we never looked backed.  It improved our overall sales and increased our customer base since we can now offer more repair service where as before we were limited.”



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